Why Insight


We lead with experience. Insight doesn’t employ junior consultants who need to learn the ropes at your expense. Our consultants have spent 10 to 30 years leading business improvement efforts, ranging from small quick-fix projects to multi-year enterprise-wide programs. Our experience often exceeds that of the “Big 4” consulting firms, at reasonable rates – providing exceptional value to you.


As a company and as individuals, we’re committed to the highest standards of quality and integrity in every engagement. Our goal is to serve you in a way that consistently exceeds your expectations and produces results we both can be proud of.


We don’t push academic theories or cookie-cutter methodologies on you. Our hands-on approach, “get-it-done” attitude and real-world experience help you take the shortest path to a workable solution that aligns well with your organization’s strategy, constraints and culture.


We do our work with you, not to you. Insight provides the expert planning, facilitation and management that help you harness your internal creativity and knowledge to produce results that your team buys into and stands behind.